Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Info : TCS & IITM Open Quiz, v 4.0, October 2nd, 2006. -

The IITM Open Quiz is back, as always (at least since last year) on the 2nd of october, which this time around is a Monday.Over the last three years, the quiz has quickly gained a reputation for being the ultimate "quizzers quiz" in India, steeped as it is in the hallowed traditions of IITM quizzing.Version 4.0 promises to be as exciting and as intellectually simulating as the last three iterations.It also promises significant monetary rewards,by way of Rs. 80,000 as prize money. And these are not just for the winners, there will be a lot of audience prizes, and also special prizes like the best corporates, the best team name, the best school team, and most uniquely a best all ladies team prize. All in all, it promises a fun evening to all who care to attend. The quiz as usual is going to be researched and conducted by 5 of our best , Siddhartha (BoFi), Rahul (RG), Varun (Pops), Sayan (Prof) and Subramanya (Pota,me).

We expect teams of at most 4 people to be in their seats by 2:30 P.M. at the Students Activities Centre, IIT Madras. There is no registration and hence, no waiting list. The only precondition for participation is membership of the species Homo Sapiens Sapiens. If you are coming from outside Chennai, tell us in advance, we may try and help you with accomodation etc.If you call the fair city of Chennai home, come along, lots of buses from everywhere to IITM and then there are buses from the gate to the venue. Further information can be had at http://www.openquiz.iitm.ac.in or http://openquiz.coz.in

A set of obligatory questions (from past OQs) follows.

See you at the venue.

Subramanya G S

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