Friday, September 29, 2006

Diro's visit to Hyd

On the 28th of Sept, 9 XLers (that included one GMP and one Exec FPM) met the Diro who had come to Hyd for a session at ASCI (he was telling the state VCs about how education was changing in the West!)

Since it was a weekday the low turnout was believable.

People who still made it to the Ohri's Jiva restaurant at rajbhavan road included Harinaryana (bmd 74), Manoj Verghese (pmir 97), Somnath B(pmir 98), Haritha (pmir 03), Siddhesh (bmd 03), Kumara Guru (GMP), Vinay Kumar (ExecFPM - ongoing)

Poor Guru had to fend off accusations and confessed that he had nothing to do with Janaki leaving the Dean's office at XL and joining ISB (for those who don't know, Guru works in ISB at the Dean's office there!)

Vinay shared his impressions about the fresh new Exec FPM course. He's doing his fellowship in the marketing area and in the time that 's left he manages a medical transcription company also.

Diro shared the plans for the new XL campus at Hyderabad (location would probably be Madhapur) and that it would start by 2008. We promised him that he could rest assured about visiting faculty since XL alumni could do that very well :) Som stated that Jampot would be more scared about people like EM Rao, ES Srinivas and Venugopal Pingali leaving Jampot and relocating back to AP.

Conversations veered and meandered to lots of people and places. Hari shared his batch's first average salary in 1974 and how for 20 years it had merely tripled. But in the last 12 years it had a more than 600% increase.

Conversation veered to XLers writing books these days, and how Mediocre But Arrogant might get made into a movie!

The HR guys pleaded with Diro to increase the intake of PMIR folks at XL also. The merits of XLers vs TISS hr folks were also debated. Hari incidentally is sponsoring the whole of the TISS alumni meet at Mumbai ! After we all glared at him, I guess that's why he volunteered to sponsor the dinner at Jiva also ;-))

More grax would only be possible on phone !


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