Thursday, October 5, 2006

The Royal Challenge XLRI - IIM-C Friendship Meet


We are proud to announce the Royal Challenge XLRI - IIM-C Friendship Meet happening on Saturday, Oct 14, 2006.

We need to thrash them. One of the events was to see who will get more sponsorship money and they have already beat us in that, so we need to make up on the sports field. Get ready to maul them!

Cricket, Football, & Volleyball players get ready!

Venue: SPT Sports Academy, Sarjapur Road.
Time: 2:30PM till midnight

Single - Rs 200
Couple - Rs 300
Family - Rs 400
If you're an Xler and your spouse is from IIM-C - FREE ADMISSION!

This includes: Tea, snacks, soft drinks, juice, dinner, music, & fun.

Beer & drinks: Rs 25 each.
Bring your own Gatorade

Please register your participation:
Call for clarifications

(Please let me know if your organisation is working on the 14th, thanks.)

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