Monday, October 9, 2006

Practice Session(Cricket)-XLIIMC meet:PlaygroundConfirmed

Hi Folks:
The scoring for the XL--IIMC Meet is totally for 5 points.
1---for sponsorship--won by IIMC through the Mc Dowell's sponsorship already.
1--for number of Alumni who attend--so please ensure you and all your XL buddies in B'lore show up
1--each for Cricket ,Footer and Volleyball.
We cannot afford to lose any more points if we wish to go 4:1 up :)-
So if you play any of the games ,, land up at the cricket ground between 10.30 and 1.00 noon tomorrow.
We will then have the chance to develop the team's strategies.
This is the palace ground --entry through Jaymahal road,which is one way. Entry through Cantonment Railway station under bridge.
Bring your own chilled beer and sandwiches and make a picnic of it.
Carlton Saldanha has kindly consented to be there and iron out any flaws in yr technique.
If you care about XLRI--now is the time to show it
See you tomorrow

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